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Rédacteur en Chef du Blog Domotique Info depuis 2008, je suis avant tout un passionné de Domotique. Avec plus de 15 années d'expérience dans l'intégration, le conseil, le commerce, et le développement de produits pour la maison connectée, j'ai la chance de tester de nombreux produits...

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    Simone Biagini

    With the new app and fw. 999.2 it’s impossible to login locally. Fw 1 is needed…but no one has a release date..

    I got many issues from the bought date.. Some solved, some not .
    I got a promise of full support for a sensor (vision door sensor) in June with « next fw release » : actually not 100% supported.
    In the last two months I got a « ghost association » between two devices (fibaro motion and a tkb plugin) with no one able to know why happened and how to solve the bug.
    I posted my frustration (with no bad words..) in zipato community and zipato CEO simply replied me with irony and finally they banned my community account. I saved all the screenshots.

    Solution is interesting but after that.. No more zipato product for me.

  2. 2


    Est ce que vous testez le matériel ou la nouvelle version avant d’en parler sur le blog?

  3. 3

    Simone Biagini

    I bought the box in May.
    I have 3 pages of support tickets.
    So I can say that I test everything before talk and write. Example: the ghost association bug was solved only deleting devices and rejoining..but before that, I left my box with bug « opened » to the support to check, test, watch.
    I also used a logging solution (via http request) to check what happen with rules.
    Support reply quickly and try to solve bugs (thanks especially to Milan), but an automation solution MUST be reliable and stable.

    Probably new device are better, I hope new device are better.

    After months of unexecuted rules, randomly not working virtual switches, randomly unresponsive box, an alarm triggered during the night without knowing why etc etc.. I really hope new devices are better. And I hope new zipabox fw release (and Web ui) will solve all the bugs, for me and other users.

    Or here too is not admitted to talk bad about something, after a bad experience?
    Ban an user that is frustrated by your product it’s not a solution or a good method. Zipato need to understand that, because
    Like I always said, the product concept is very good.

    Just my 2cents.

  4. 4

    Pascal STEPHANY

    Oh que oui je teste les différents matériels tous les jours et j’ai surtout beaucoup de retours d’utilisateurs…

  5. 5



    La nouvelle application pour ios n’est toujours pas disponible sur l’apple store contrairement a la version 3 sous android. Avez vous des infos sur une date de sortie ?

  6. 6

    Jeremy Piaia

    Dear Simone: I do have similar experience , expect that I didnt get banned (yet) from their forum. My life is awful with Zipato, the exact opposite of what should be « home automation ». Few months ago, I did post a question on their forum to ask where the company was standing because, at that time, I didn »t hear from them (no new firwares etc..) and I was wondering if they were in financial distress. Their CEO replied with a message full of irony and I had to really push myself NOT to answer to him to avoid getting into a fight.

    As a CEO of a startup myself, I do understand the bugs and the challenge to get a product stabilized. My problem is that Zipato didnt told me openly , when I bought their product 1,5 years ago, that their product was still in beta: I would habe known that, I would have gone towards another solutions.

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